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I’m excited at the concept of writing again. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about until recently. I have a voice, but for the longest time I wasn’t using it. I felt I would be judged for my thoughts, and so I refrained. However, during this time I’ve been reading. I’ve been meditating. I’ve been absorbing everything I can by living openly.

I read books that resonate with how I feel about certain topics and information that I’m interested in. Topics that I’ve allowed to influence me are that of: Mind, Spirit, Health, Buddhism, Chakra energy, business philosophy, and information on how the earth is part of us and how we can clean it up.

I believe in a certain type of teaching. I believe we are all connected.

I believe spiritually, we are all part of the whole.

Because of this, I believe we are connected to an internal, universal network of information.

I teach my 6 year old son, Aidan, about this connection. We home school him, but outside of just reading writing and math, we teach him philosophy, ethics, spirituality, and existentialism.

We feel this type of training is lacking in today’s world. We are losing out on very valuable critical thinking skills in today’s youth. I believe in a value based teaching. If someone does not understand why you should do something, then they will be less motivated to do it, and to do it correctly; in their lives and their careers. This is a huge failure. I can’t figure out if the general public is lazy, not taught correctly, bored, or has an inability to make decisions based on goals.

With Aidan, we have been guiding him to move to the next level as soon as he reaches a new level. I’ll explain: as soon as he was coherent we taught him sign language; this increased communication and reduced frustration. Once he learned to walk, we began potty training. Once he was tall enough, and had teeth, we guided him on how to brush his teeth. Once he was strong enough, we taught him to make his bed. The independence grew from there.
Once his mind started to take form we taught him where he came from. I told him that before we are all born, we choose our name, our parents, and our purpose and that everything we experience in this world is by choice and not by chance.

In my young life there was much despair, suffering, and pain. Spanking and or beatings, frustrations, constraints, limitations and fear. I love my parents but now that I’ve grown past anger and into love, I see why certain decisions were made and what caused the behavior. I started to wake up in my early 20’s, I chose a different life, creating different circumstances, resulting in a different life experience, which in turn gave way to more desirable opportunities. I wanted to teach this to Aidan earlier. I spanked a few times in the first few years but each time I did, I did it with explanations of direction and love. I did this up until he was 4, when I started to spank less and instruct more. As he’s aged, it’s been much easier, because I’ve become much more open and kind with him all around. Today, we have a great relationship and I’m able to explain why or why something may result in a negative outcome, but then I let him see for himself. This is the true learning process. He can’t understand the logic if he has no comparisons from his own actions.

Beginning his life with this knowledge and this understanding, teaches him the value of his decisions going forward. This is crucial. I refuse to have him go through his life unaware that he is in control of it. I teach him that meditation will bring him and keep him in the alignment with his soul’s purpose through this universal network. I don’t believe we are here to learn anything except for the understanding of the experience. There is no right and wrong. There is only action and reaction. If we have a purpose here, a pre designated intention, then it’s best if we not get sidetracked by society’s expectations of what they think we should be doing while we’re here. We should not try to limit or deny the abundance that is freely available on this earth.
I teach him about reincarnation. From birth to death in this body is an example of our own creativity and the choices we make it to arrange it. If we are truly unlimited beings then why would one lifetime be enough? Why would one planet be enough? And why would we allow time to constrain us?

Society, and self-designated authority figures, will teach the common man his place and role in this world as decided by them. I choose not to subscribe to this.

Because I can choose, I teach to choose. Because we are all humans, we do not have authority over each other. Each individual is here to experience the creation and manifestation of his or her choices.
If we understand that the individual is happiest during creation or co-creation, then we should realize that controlling others to submit to our will inhibits their creation process, and in turn their happiness and purpose for being. Man’s moral compass has been changing and unstable since it was created. Of course, it is all part of the experience, but now centuries later, it is affecting all other beings in a negative way. Morals have given way to authority to control the masses. The masses are like the ocean, and with the proper tools the water and its flow can be directed. Stating that you are an authority and that you define what is right and wrong changed the outcome of individual’s creation process. Through the course of history we have used unnecessary means to force our logic on to others. We did this because we considered other’s thought process and creation process different or wrong in comparison to ours. Greed was a major factor.

The having has become more desirable than the being.

Now, since I do not believe there is such a thing as right and wrong I cannot say our past has been wrong. I can only say that in current times, our happiness and understanding of purpose and direction is not in alignment or doesn’t seem to be, based on results and overall daily feelings. Since, our bodies are not healthy, we are not living as long as we used to, we’re no longer powerful in sense that our awareness and consciousness has been low for centuries. We have more fear, we are killing each other, ourselves, the animals, and the earth for the sake of money. It is apparent, through our sadness, that, more than identifying right and wrong, we should identify with alignment, happiness, and love. Money is an old value system that we seem to not be able to rid ourselves of. Our skills should come from our love of being. A person’s passion should drive his decisions. A person’s love should be the process of creation. Why do we write? Why do we read? Why do we solve problems? Why do we build? Why do we create?

Money is not the why.

The root of our decision-making is not because of green pieces of paper nor the gold medal that backs it. If we remove money from our decision-making processes; then why is it that we do anything?
Some possible answers are: entertainment, comfort, adventure, and fascination. Why can’t these be enough? Is it so important that we need drama in our lives? Can we not face conflict with compromise?
We are not the only beings in the universe. There are different levels like here on earth, of intelligence. If we are having such a hard time enjoying our experience because of greed, manipulation, and war, then we should be looking upward and outward to learn from more highly evolved beings.

Of all of the stories we have heard about our contact with aliens, shouldn’t we be identifying patterns and learning from them? If we were to remove our own assumptions, and replace with fact, (something I also teach Aidan), then what could we possibly learn? If there is no right and wrong, no good and bad, and we are not trying to identify or control what someone should do then we are only left to experience what is. If we understand this streaming universal network of information, and that we are immortal beings, and we can access anything and everything through meditation, then our understanding of our abilities will grow, the control of our own bodies and matter will become more productive. I’m suggesting if we recognize patterns, learn to create without conflict, learn to respect all those who do create and the creations themselves, then we have a chance to become more highly evolved in order for our time on this earth to be enjoyable.



James Ussery

I am a Student of Life currently living in India with my wife and son. I am interested in philosophy, discussions of life and how to make it better as we learn, individually, how to lead ourselves. We're waking up, and our mindset is changing. We need to increase our perspectives in order to become more tolerant and eventually more loving toward all life. The skeptics that would bawk at ideas of communities of people living in peace, choosing to "work" for themselves as a means for a "living" instead of profit and consumerism, simply means they aren't at the same level of understanding and aren't surrounded by an environment or others that would support those ideals. My proposal is for more people to leave their comfortable lives and conveniences and increase their time in nature. Reconnect with that which we are. My goal is in "being" not in "having"

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