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Stating the purpose of the journey

My intention in this journey is to be open to everything being truth. Now, I’m not doing anything about the information. So I don’t consider myself naive. I believe the bits and pieces of information that aren’t true, seem to cancel themselves out such as so to be exposed. So you start to see everything “as it is”. Once you do this easily, you will start to see that less things really “matter”. *See quantum physics on the subject.

The more truth you expose yourself to, the easier it will be that you “allow” certain information to “influence” you.

The result of this, allows us to put our focus more on the “matter” that we should be “creating”.

Just like digging, there is some info that is “surface-level”, and just like earthly digging, it’s the “tools” that help us to go deeper, faster. The trick is to continue to grow our tool box, and that starts with continuing to ask an infinite amount of questions. Refine them until the question or “tool” is perfected in order to move you closer to your search, as quickly as possible.

Once you get there as fast as possible you will be overwhelmed by an absolute calmness. Kind of like sex. 🙂

Now, just like partner(s), there is a time that the sex relaxes and the desire or needs of your partner(s) change. Expectations change. So you want to have a “relationship” because well, it’s a journey/commitment/marriage. You’ll start to feel “intellectual”, “fed”, your diet will consist of new things to read, new categories and complexities. Old concepts, dramas, doubts, fears fade and the comfort of your understanding will teach you that happiness has been here all along. Just like matter in this 3rd dimension, we create with our thoughts and decisions ourselves, and meditation will allow you to maintain that connection with the living network.

I’ll help anyone grow but i live in a drama-free zone. It’s a beautiful thing, not getting caught up in stress. *See Deepak Chopra on topics about how stress causes cancer and how to clean your body.

This relationship has allowed me to understand more about myself, my health, my finances, and more has come from understanding more about the universe. Everything is connected. Everything. You will be able to soon “feel” what you want to start researching as well as what you “feel” you don’t agree with and you will remove it from view. The more you learn the more you want to learn. Then more questions are produced. This is very good. We need to question in order to come out of the dark so to speak and into the light. The light of source energy, the light of “God”

The following types of things I allow to influence me on facebook are the following pages and people: https://www.facebook.com/JamesUssery/likes

I’ve shared only some books on my facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/JamesUssery/books?cref=4&pnref=lhc



James Ussery

I am a Student of Life currently living in India with my wife and son. I am interested in philosophy, discussions of life and how to make it better as we learn, individually, how to lead ourselves. We're waking up, and our mindset is changing. We need to increase our perspectives in order to become more tolerant and eventually more loving toward all life. The skeptics that would bawk at ideas of communities of people living in peace, choosing to "work" for themselves as a means for a "living" instead of profit and consumerism, simply means they aren't at the same level of understanding and aren't surrounded by an environment or others that would support those ideals. My proposal is for more people to leave their comfortable lives and conveniences and increase their time in nature. Reconnect with that which we are. My goal is in "being" not in "having"

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