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In love

I think it’s great when people use this phase. Hopefully they’re not lying and attempting to manipulate you, but It’s great if someone is experiencing being in the state of love. They are waking in it, walking in it and all of their being is in it. They see it everywhere they look because they are looking through lenses of love. Decisions made in this state are incomparable. You can’t even repeat the logic sometimes.

When you’re “in love” you “feel” more. You are open. You are honest. You hope and are transparent. You move in vibration with the state of love. You are in a creative state. You are creating with “love energy”. If “God” is Love, and God is energy and creation began with a word/sound/vibration and it was considered “good”; then doesn’t it make sense for us to create using the same methods?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  ~ Jim Rohn

Try it, be “in love”. Start with yourself. Do everything, everyday to prove your love to yourself. If you work so hard for the opposite sex; dating, courting, committing, changing, saving for a vacation alone with that person, then why not with yourself?

Love yourself. Be grateful for this state. You can start a better eating lifestyle. Start becoming more active, bring the life back into the lungs and muscles, teach your eyes how to live without sunglasses, listen to your internal voice (chatter), visit nature more, (it misses you). Meditate while you’re there. “Re” Member. “Re” Join. En-Joy (“Join In”) and see where this takes you.



James Ussery

I am a Student of Life currently living in India with my wife and son. I am interested in philosophy, discussions of life and how to make it better as we learn, individually, how to lead ourselves. We're waking up, and our mindset is changing. We need to increase our perspectives in order to become more tolerant and eventually more loving toward all life. The skeptics that would bawk at ideas of communities of people living in peace, choosing to "work" for themselves as a means for a "living" instead of profit and consumerism, simply means they aren't at the same level of understanding and aren't surrounded by an environment or others that would support those ideals. My proposal is for more people to leave their comfortable lives and conveniences and increase their time in nature. Reconnect with that which we are. My goal is in "being" not in "having"