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Parrish Taylor

Parrish Taylor

Parrish Taylor has played several roles for me for the past 15 years. I’m grateful for our friendship.

Parrish is a trainer. It’s who he is. He’s trained in corporations and on the field. We met when he was still in the advertising and development industry. We built one of the first Learning Management Systems (LMS) back in 2002-ish. It was a fun experience.

Fast forward to 2015, Parrish is on his own and now working with athletes, corporations and now police officers. He’s training them on how to manage the “chatter” or “voice in your head” that leads you to a victory or defeat in your life. If you can imagine, between the different examples, there are similarities because stress is still a factor and how you deal with it is key.

He introduced me to a new, a better packaged, version of maturity. Because “Maturity Matters”. Helping him with his website and marketing, sitting in on his lectures, (I even acted as camera man on occasion). Learning about the 6 cylinders and how important it is to balance them was near the beginning of my journey.

Studying Daniel Goleman‘s material was just the start. Emotional Intelligence is everywhere. Parrish’s goal is to make sure people are as successful as possible in their individual lives as they navigate the variables. The idea is to “seek peace“.


What if we asked important questions?

What if we asked more important questions? What if we prioritized life over profit? What would life be like if we all found peace within our selves? What if we took the time to understand someone or be able to walk away from them without judgement or violence (verbal or physical)?What if we didn’t become hypocrites and corrupt? What if we didn’t change our stance on things that were harmful because we were offered a ton of money to change people’s minds? What if we started caring more about our bodies, minds and children to research whatever we were told was “good” for us just so they can make more money selling it to you? What if you started healing yourselves instead of paying more money to the medical industry? What if the medical industry wasn’t trying to kill you? What if our way of life wasn’t manufactured by advertisers 100 years ago? What if the government, that is supposed to make things better for us wasn’t owned by the highest bidders? What if laws weren’t created by those weaving a minefield in order to make people “pay for their forgiveness”? What if religions didn’t collect money? What if everyone all over the globe stopped buying crap they don’t need? What if 100 million people had a local source of food instead of $100 millionaires coming over to poverty stricken countries just to take a photo feeding 1 or 2 people? What if we came up with solutions that bettered how we treat all life on the earth instead of killing those that do? What if everyone had their own source of food and energy? What if instead of watching worthless programs on tv, we spent more time with our mind, body soul and family and children? What if we really understood our hearts and minds and what we’re capable of instead of working most of, if not all our lives to pay bills? What if the Earth wasn’t being raped for resources? What if there wasn’t 2.6 TRILLION pounds of trash on this globe? What if some of our free time went into finding answers to these questions? How would we change if these and other thoughts were integrated into our daily lives?

A path forward

In order to achieve any goal we must first clearly state the intentions. In this article I’ll identify first what I don’t believe is serving us and then I’ll discuss what will.

I see our future similar to our past. The difference is that we’d get more openness but more with a “If I knew then what I know now” appeal.
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All have the right to thrive.

I’ve recently found a video and site called “The Thrive Movement“.

This movie is the latest big eye-opener after of “The Secret“, and “What the bleep do we know?

If you’ve ever wondered how the have’s and the have not’s could possibly exist. This 2 hour movie is worth your time. I’ve already shown it to my 6 year old and even he could tell how it shouldn’t be this way. “Papa this is bad!”

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