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A Conscious Perspective

For those that follow me on Facebook, the point of my #perspective hashtag thing is to see from many different perspectives so that we don’t get tunnel vision. I like to believe that if we were to collect perspectives then we would be more open, tolerant and loving people as a species. Widening the lens so-to-speak. We need to let in more light. There isn’t only one way to do things. It’s not working well enough to sustain us now and others in the future. We’re killing ourselves and the planet with these beliefs held so tightly. We have to view our lives from a higher perspective; one that allows for many perspectives, without judgement. We need to operate from a less limited view. I think it’s important to see from the eyes and wisdom of different angles. And if we can’t do that just yet, then we have something to strive for and aspire to, so that we don’t continue to make the world a more insane place to live and reincarnate into.

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A new direction

I’ve shifted direction a few times in my life. From an adolescent to adult I’ve moved across states, upgrading responsibilities along the way. I was “paying my dues” by performing properly, the expectations of society. After Pineville high school was DeVry technical institute then I went to work for “the man”, until years later starting a business and becoming “the man”.

As we move forward into the ascension into Aquarius, or the Bronze age of the Yuga cycle, I stop to reflect more often. I see that the behavior of the world is changing, drastically. There have always been people disagreeing or fighting with the establishment, but now there is constant rioting as people wake up and no longer want to be treated as slaves.

We seem to have been caught up in this deviation for a few hundred years. A detour of our original purpose. Who knows!? This could have been the point all along!
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Non-Profit Journey Library Cafe’

Knowledge and information should be free. People should have an interest in all things, “how to” and “what is”. They should be excited to teach themselves and get out of the locked down class rooms. Poor or no education breeds ignorance. Ignorance breeds corruption. Corruption kills people and the soul for future generations.

There’s no need for money except for the needs of the current economical requirements. Money would only be used for acquiring the hardware, books, furniture and building. Unless the location is shared or donated we’ll need to pay to stay (rent, etc.). You could sell healthy drinks and food while they read. “Healthy body, healthy mind”.

The Cafe’ would not exist to make money. It could partner with a health food cafe and pay no rent for bringing in customers. Business management skills and decision making would be taught as the concept that we’re all there as equals. This allows us to share information without fear of corruption. High School, college kids and the homeless could work in order to learn trust, serve others, or teach.

Anyone that can teach should teach. There could be rooms in the building setup to allow group presentations and recommending books for future reading on those topics. Classes for personal development, kids, eco ideas, health, business, management, barter, resource trading, multi skill training, maturity, Emotional Intelligence, traffic rules, courtesy, respect for self and all life, and self sustainable communities, etc.

  • Free reading
  • Physical books
  • Internal server (no internet)
    • Videos
    • eBooks
  • Couch
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Truth is simple, people are complicated

We learn that everything is made of energy. Energy is measured by frequency. I’m speaking of things also, with no matter. So then when we ask, “What does it matter?” it’s a valid question. What “matter” does this create in our physical reality? We’ve learned that we can measure thoughts in the brain. We can measure feelings and impulses in the body. These things are real. If something can be measured, I can consider it fact.

What’s most significant about my journey is this thirst for new information. Knowledge is unlimited. What is identified as fact or fiction? How can I tell? Where do I spend my time? What is the truth?

I’m a person that chooses to look at things by the value of the question. I put a lot of stock in questions. It’s important to study the closeness of the question to the answer. If the frequency of every thought is measured, then what if we were to put effort into matching the frequency of our questions and answers? Could we find answers faster? What if we removed judgement? Would we be open minded to accept the truth we found “as” truth? Would that speed it up? It just seems like a closed, judgmental mind slows us down from evolving into something more powerful. Accepting things has a great deal more to do with our future than we give it credit for. It feels like truth is simplistic, and for some reason we weave these complex concepts because we’re not open to see the truth as it really is. These fragmented stories, misguided attempts at mind control and the manipulation of entire populations for limited power seems to be a waste.

I believe, once people get a taste of truth in its purest simple form, they won’t want to play with the complexities anymore. It slows us down.