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A path forward

In order to achieve any goal we must first clearly state the intentions. In this article I’ll identify first what I don’t believe is serving us and then I’ll discuss what will.

I see our future similar to our past. The difference is that we’d get more openness but more with a “If I knew then what I know now” appeal.

I see a world with:

  • No Borders
  • No Boundaries
  • No limitations
  • No Fear
  • No Ego
  • No Sin
  • No Guilt
  • No Judgement
  • No Money
  • No Greed
  • No Violence

We need to transcend our simple thoughts and meaningless actions by aligning with that of:

  • One Earth
  • One Nature
  • One People
  • One Truth
  • One Understanding
  • One Love

The following are my thoughts about my own actions and what I follow that I believe has benefited me and my family. I would like, through all of my writing, to inspire you to first have a journey of your own, each person, in the world, and then I would like to empower you while you’re on it.

I think it’s important to not get caught up in “following” anyone. Instead, it makes sense to learn from other people’s experiences.

So I’ll explain my experiences on my journey; I’m practicing the ability to identify with truth and determining wisdom from it. Keeping a truly open mind is a practice. You can’t judge anything. You make no absolute conclusions on anything. Just observe and interact.

I see a solution forming and my journey will lead me there. I’m already experiencing a percentage of this in my own life and I can see how we can expand this.

My view is that we naturally assign value to everything. This is where the drama begins.

The concept is simple. Simply turn our backs on the “Big Show”.

The “Big Show” is all of the corporations, banks, media, government, police, monopoly money, and other players in the drama that we have been entertaining for centuries. We should stop giving time and energy to those things that are no longer serving us.

Value is perceived. The story is laid out when we’re born based on our surroundings and is based on who is teaching us what they “know”. If the teacher/parent is fearful of something then so we may be. We give things value because of the perceived value passed down through the generations, imposed on us.

How do we reset the value? Do we fight or find another path?

  1. Riots won’t work.  We can’t rely on them because police and military train for these scenarios, so they’re expecting it. In this case all they would do is either find the justice in killing more people on the spot, or locking more people up.
  2. Learn more. The true power of the people lies in the ability of man to choose for him/herself. The only information the people are familiar with is the news. Corporate-owned news cannot be considered a source of truth. If you see a journalist getting arrested or killed for digging up something then you’re on the right path. This is a key item as it relates to your ability to research and educate yourself. There are so many things hidden because of primarily 2 reasons.
    1. They have a negative agenda and don’t want it foiled
    2. They have a positive agenda and don’t to be killed for it.
  3. Educate ourselves more on sovereign living. You have rights as “humans”
  4. Decrease the need of these that are not truthful to us. Become independent on the topic of what is truth, and how you and your family can truly benefit from your actions, not from waiting on other to follow what they promised because your family is not their priority.
  5. Have your own journey. Make truth your North. Read, gather, listen and align what that information and those people that resonate strong positive energy. When you come together, have love in your hearts and do deeds, worth of repeating, provide love and opportunity. Share and live in kindness. On your journey keep an open connection to your soul that will allow you to remember what you are and that we are all connected source energy at all times. We’re always connected. We just need to change our lenses and meditate for us to see it.
  6. Create communities of Peace. When groups are created with intention in mind they are much more positively charged. The potential for thriving is exponential.
  7. Do not speak or think of things you do not wish to bring into you reality. Understand the power of your mind as a creation tool. If you follow news, consider disease, chaos, death and destruction. You will experience these things in the people and events around you and including you.  However, if you are in search of positive flowing vibrations in your life with generous and kind people you will experience a reality full of joy and happiness, regardless of what the rest of the world is experiencing. This is the real power of this message. If we are able to turn our backs on things that we  no longer want and instead, were to focus thoughts energy and time on those things we desire of our experience then we can have what we want in this life. If actions are proof of our intentions, then we need to refocus our efforts and intentions and understand the value of re-aligning with ourselves and truth.
  8. Do not feed stress. Don’t feel stress and don’t cause others stress. Don’t be harmful. This means in any and all areas, physical as well as emotional and mental.

Replace fear and doubt with knowledge. Dig into things. Question everything. Have your own mind and opinions and voice them often. Know when to be silent but know when to speak up with something could be better.

Speak in positive flow. Speak in do’s. Always tell people what they “can” do. It’s limiting to say otherwise. In this way we’ll have more positive ideas, more good thoughts and more good actions. Show the world that our intentions can be seen, and that truth is worth the wait. Truth is found by those who search. We should make it easier.

Once we rise up to the next level of consciousness we will most definitely see, feel and act differently. It will all be about clean up initially. Cleaning up our thoughts, relationships; our bodies and our planet.

When we remove money, then we’ll be remove the delay. The delay is what keeps us from ourselves. The stuff that keeps us from the things that bring us joy. If we “want” something, money teaches us that we have to work for it. We simply need to remove the delay.

We need to remove the fuzzy lenses that have got us squinting and giving us headaches.

You’ve been apart of the “Big Show” for so long that your reality, no matter how distorted, was “bought” and paid for and you were going to hold on to it as long as possible.

Imagine you can see clearly. Not just clear but you now have X-ray vision. You can, all of a sudden, see through the lies and walls. You can see and feel the soul. You can see such brilliant colors! It’s everywhere; around every living thing. You can see everything and it takes your breath away. How could you possibly have gone through your life without seeing this? You learn more about the world in first few seconds than you have your whole life. It’s overwhelming. No words are spoken and so you can now hear for the first time. You’re listening: to the air, and the trees. You can hear the audible of life. The music is eternal and you’re tuned in. For the first time in your life you’re listening.

We’ll get there. We’ve been there before. Listen to yourself. “Know thy self”. Find your true North. Don’t deny or lie. “Listen”. Have the courage to know that you have the ability to lead yourself out of the dark. All you need to do begin the journey. Take the first step on the “Path forward”.



James Ussery

I am a Student of Life currently living in India with my wife and son. I am interested in philosophy, discussions of life and how to make it better as we learn, individually, how to lead ourselves. We're waking up, and our mindset is changing. We need to increase our perspectives in order to become more tolerant and eventually more loving toward all life. The skeptics that would bawk at ideas of communities of people living in peace, choosing to "work" for themselves as a means for a "living" instead of profit and consumerism, simply means they aren't at the same level of understanding and aren't surrounded by an environment or others that would support those ideals. My proposal is for more people to leave their comfortable lives and conveniences and increase their time in nature. Reconnect with that which we are. My goal is in "being" not in "having"