James Ussery

Aspire to Inspire

If you choose to work

Take your time in the market seriously. Never work for money alone. Be mindful of the mark you leave behind. How are you contributing to the world, the environment, humanity, other species, the universe? What are you and your co workers creating?

Once you feel you have chosen wisely, commit. Put your mind and body in action and focus your energy into being responsible with your time and skills to create something advanced and beneficial. Enjoy taking on the challenges and seek to solve problems.

Finally, aspire to inspire those around you to be disciplined as well, as you all create fantastic solutions for the world to benefit from.

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Jason Silva

I enjoy Jason’s messages. He brings a visualization that people need to bridge the connection between what they think but can’t explain and what’s out there they haven’t been introduced to.


“Silva is a self-described wonder junkie and performance philosopher, a term he first heard on a website called Space Collective by Rene Dallier. He uses television, online media and lecture halls to share his perspectives. For example, in the video The Mirroring Mind, Silva “explores human consciousness and the creation of that consciousness through self-reference.””


A Conscious Perspective

For those that follow me on Facebook, the point of my #perspective hashtag thing is to see from many different perspectives so that we don’t get tunnel vision. I like to believe that if we were to collect perspectives then we would be more open, tolerant and loving people as a species. Widening the lens so-to-speak. We need to let in more light. There isn’t only one way to do things. It’s not working well enough to sustain us now and others in the future. We’re killing ourselves and the planet with these beliefs held so tightly. We have to view our lives from a higher perspective; one that allows for many perspectives, without judgement. We need to operate from a less limited view. I think it’s important to see from the eyes and wisdom of different angles. And if we can’t do that just yet, then we have something to strive for and aspire to, so that we don’t continue to make the world a more insane place to live and reincarnate into.

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What if we asked important questions?

What if we asked more important questions? What if we prioritized life over profit? What would life be like if we all found peace within our selves? What if we took the time to understand someone or be able to walk away from them without judgement or violence (verbal or physical)?What if we didn’t become hypocrites and corrupt? What if we didn’t change our stance on things that were harmful because we were offered a ton of money to change people’s minds? What if we started caring more about our bodies, minds and children to research whatever we were told was “good” for us just so they can make more money selling it to you? What if you started healing yourselves instead of paying more money to the medical industry? What if the medical industry wasn’t trying to kill you? What if our way of life wasn’t manufactured by advertisers 100 years ago? What if the government, that is supposed to make things better for us wasn’t owned by the highest bidders? What if laws weren’t created by those weaving a minefield in order to make people “pay for their forgiveness”? What if religions didn’t collect money? What if everyone all over the globe stopped buying crap they don’t need? What if 100 million people had a local source of food instead of $100 millionaires coming over to poverty stricken countries just to take a photo feeding 1 or 2 people? What if we came up with solutions that bettered how we treat all life on the earth instead of killing those that do? What if everyone had their own source of food and energy? What if instead of watching worthless programs on tv, we spent more time with our mind, body soul and family and children? What if we really understood our hearts and minds and what we’re capable of instead of working most of, if not all our lives to pay bills? What if the Earth wasn’t being raped for resources? What if there wasn’t 2.6 TRILLION pounds of trash on this globe? What if some of our free time went into finding answers to these questions? How would we change if these and other thoughts were integrated into our daily lives?

Stop Following and Lead yourselves

This video says it well. Farrah and I are educating ourselves to step outside of society’s net. Spend 8.5 minutes and watch this very valuable video. Allow yourselves to ponder what it means for our future. Wake up! Stop fighting each other and work together wherever you live. It’s going to happen at some point in the future, NOW is always a good time.

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Stating the purpose of the journey

My intention in this journey is to be open to everything being truth. Now, I’m not doing anything about the information. So I don’t consider myself naive. I believe the bits and pieces of information that aren’t true, seem to cancel themselves out such as so to be exposed. So you start to see everything “as it is”. Once you do this easily, you will start to see that less things really “matter”. *See quantum physics on the subject.

The more truth you expose yourself to, the easier it will be that you “allow” certain information to “influence” you.
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The 10X Rule

The notes that I took as I trained my employees.

The 10x Rule – Grant Cardone

Winning Success Formula

Successful people talk, think and approach situations, challenges, and problems differently than most people.

The most successful CEOs are reported to read an average of 60 books and attend more than 6 conferences per year – whereas the average worker reads an average of less than one book and makes 319 times less income. People tend to leave out how much more the rich work for their success than the average person. 😉

You need to become aware of the kinds of habits and characteristics you should be developing – and encouraging your colleagues to develop as well. The only way to be successful is to take the same action that successful people take. Duplicate the action and mindsets of successful people, and you will create success for yourself.

Success must be approached from an ethical viewpoint. Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

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Granny has passed

Obituary for Alice Moreau


Alice Moreau
Funeral services for Mrs. Alice Eveline Moreau will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 21, 2017 at Tioga First Baptist Church, Tioga, Louisiana with the Reverends David Cranford and Tim Hisaw officiating. Interment will be in Tioga First Baptist Church Cemetery, under the direction of Gallagher Funeral Home and Crematory, Ball, Louisiana.

Mrs. Moreau, age 84, of Pineville, Louisiana, entered eternal rest on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, Alexandria, Louisiana, surrounded by her loving family.

Alice was a member of Tioga First Baptist Church since 1968. She loved cooking for church events and family. She especially loved white perch fishing and frying them up. She will be missed by many.

She is preceded in death by her father, Robert Pat and Minnie Alice Miles McBroom; one son, Bill Harrison Moreau; sisters, Francis McBride, and Juanita Griffin; brothers, Cicero McBroom, Osero McBroom, Robert “RP” McBroom and Haskell McBroom.

she is survived by her loving husband, Harrison Moreau, Jr. of Tioga; children, Darrell Walter Moreau (Debbie) of Houston, TX, Terry Moreau Ussery of Tioga, Joseph Albert Moreau of Shreveport, David George Moreau (Kristen) of Clive, IA, Diana Leona Moreau Bergeaux (Freddie) of Longville, LA, Steven Patrick Moreau (Tonya) of Tioga, Christopher Levi Moreau of Seattle, WA; sister, Louella McBroom of Shreveport; brother, Lamar McBroom of Ball; fourteen grandchildren; six great grandchildren

Friends may visit on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at Gallagher Funeral Home, Ball, Louisiana from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and on Friday, July 21, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until time of service at 2:00 p.m. at Tioga First Baptist Church, Tioga, Louisiana.

Pallbearers honored to serve will be Nathan Moreau, Jacob Bergeaux, Nathaniel Ussery, Daniel Ussery and Matthew Ussery; honorary pallbearers will be Dub Williams and Charles Arrington.

In lieu of flowers the family request that donations be made to Tioga First Baptist Church or Zenoria Baptist Church.