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Your Actions are proof of your intentions

“Proof is in the pudding”, this is obviously an old saying. My new one is “your actions are proof of your intentions”

You can’t lie. Your actions always tell the truth. You’ll either do what you intend or not. Those that “partially commit” to something, or blatantly say yes but nothing comes out of it says a lot about their character and whether you can trust them again or not.

This decreases trust.

We’re out for trust in this world. It’s crucial in the workplace and when people ask for help.

I’m teaching my staff from Grant Cardone’s book, “The 10X Rule”. Every Monday(Origin: MoonDay) morning I talk to the team about where they need to be, if indeed they have goals for themselves. “No goals for your life? Fine, turn around and you can work, and good luck with your future, all others look up here and let’s discuss.”

In order to get good at this skill you need to start with yourself. How bad is it if you can’t even trust yourself? Work on listening to yourself more often. Hear your intentions, and act on them. No doubts or regrets, just actions. The universe doesn’t have a concept of time or delay or hardship.

Your gut will never steer you wrong. The next best thing to do is become more educated in decision making and then put yourself in situations to make more decisions, more often. Choose your own meal, choose your own wardrobe, choose how you organize your day, choose what company you want to work at next, etc. The more practice you get the more confident you will become.

People like this, will see success faster than other people. They are training themselves to see it regularly and so it will show up in their reality, where it may not, for those that rarely make any decisions. Don’t let others make decisions for you. Don’t let someone else be “over” you. Be Sovereign. Be your own authority. Have your own journey find out what you’ve been missing. Find out what else is out there. Intend it for yourself and act appropriately.

In love

I think it’s great when people use this phase. Hopefully they’re not lying and attempting to manipulate you, but It’s great if someone is experiencing being in the state of love. They are waking in it, walking in it and all of their being is in it. They see it everywhere they look because they are looking through lenses of love. Decisions made in this state are incomparable. You can’t even repeat the logic sometimes.

When you’re “in love” you “feel” more. You are open. You are honest. You hope and are transparent. You move in vibration with the state of love. You are in a creative state. You are creating with “love energy”. If “God” is Love, and God is energy and creation began with a word/sound/vibration and it was considered “good”; then doesn’t it make sense for us to create using the same methods?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  ~ Jim Rohn

Try it, be “in love”. Start with yourself. Do everything, everyday to prove your love to yourself. If you work so hard for the opposite sex; dating, courting, committing, changing, saving for a vacation alone with that person, then why not with yourself?

Love yourself. Be grateful for this state. You can start a better eating lifestyle. Start becoming more active, bring the life back into the lungs and muscles, teach your eyes how to live without sunglasses, listen to your internal voice (chatter), visit nature more, (it misses you). Meditate while you’re there. “Re” Member. “Re” Join. En-Joy (“Join In”) and see where this takes you.

Sugar isn’t evil but life’s so much better without it

Sugar’s bad mmmmk

I’m showing my support of this movie and this cause. This is part of my “Wake up! initiative”. By allowing most items in our kitchen we’re telling the next generation that “it’s ok, it won’t effect us”. But why lie!? Are you not human like me? How are you not affected by things that slowly break down our bodies and turn into the very things that we end up fighting for our lives later.

The sweet now, will be the sour later.

Stop Following and Lead yourselves

This video says it well. Farrah and I are educating ourselves to step outside of society’s net. Spend 8.5 minutes and watch this very valuable video. Allow yourselves to ponder what it means for our future. Wake up! Stop fighting each other and work together wherever you live. It’s going to happen at some point in the future, NOW is always a good time.

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