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Conforming was so last century

The point to nearly all my posts is to “Do it Yourself”.
Don’t follow anyone about anything.
Have your own experiences, read and write, and go be on your own for a while.

You’re here to have experiences. Don’t forget to do that. Just make sure you’re in tune with yourself and what type of experiences you’d like to have.

Being alone helps you turn off all the noise. Everyday we’re surrounded by all types of noise: TV, radio, mp3 players, our friends, Facebook, YouTube, worthless yacking from people that just complain, the list is pretty long. Disconnect from the societal and cultural expectations and go have an adventure.

Go have a journey. Start walking or riding. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Hop a flight to beautiful places and disappear for a week or more. The Earth is our playground and we should start acting like it. Of course, let’s keep the playground clean and green.

Meet new people, learn about new places and cultures. You are not your job or your religion. You are not how much money you have in the bank. You are not your parent’s naughty child.

You are a creator. You are one of billions of powerful people that hasn’t yet realized your potential.

Enjoy your solitude. It’s a source of power.

Meditate. It’s the connection to your soul.

Figure out who you are and what you want to experience here.

Replace fear with knowledge and wisdom.

Replace negative thoughts with positive energy.

Keep what benefits you and remove what harms you (including people). Don’t feel obligated to stay with or around something or someone that generates sadness, guilt or harm in any way. Rules are either created by us or we allow others to apply theirs over us.

I found on my journey that it’s best to respect others while they’re on their journey and to harm no one or yourself. If you can’t better the situation, remove yourself from it.

From Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s book “Living Enlightenment“, understanding the following things will allow us to be able to disconnect from the misguided framework, understandings and addictions that we are around daily.

  1. Shakti, the Energy to understand and change whatever you need to change in life.
  2. Buddhi, the Intelligence to understand and accept whatever you don’t need to change in life.
  3. Yukti, the Clarity to understand and realize that however much you change, whatever you see as reality is itself a continuously changing dream.
  4. Bhakti, the Devotion, the feeling of deep connection to That which is unchanging, Eternal and Ultimate and
  5. Mukti, the ultimate Liberation into Living Enlightenment when all these four are integrated.

Use your journey to teach you truth. You may not be searching for enlightenment. That’s completely fine. But teach yourself to be free of other’s understanding of life that’s been forced upon you. Question everything. See life on your own terms. Take back the responsibility to create your own life’s results.

Understand that the framework that you’re taught as a child should always be questioned, rebuilt or removed altogether. The framework is whatever philosophy you’ve been taught as a child from your school, church, or your parent’s belief system about anything. As a child, you were indoctrinated. You didn’t know any better to ask questions about the things being taught.

But it’s ok. All is well. You’re still alive.

We’ve been programmed for so long that this is going to sound hokey but it’s a winning formula that can be implemented and tested in small ways in your life so you can get some numbers worked out before you try it on larger scenarios.

Be well. Live well. Treat yourself and others well. Treat the earth well (we’re all connected). Do these things and we can make it better.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE. If you are here on this Earth during this time to endure suffering, then this message isn’t for you, but if you’re here and you have a pull toward what I’m saying, and you search your heart and feelings and find truth in this, it’s the way to unlock you’re true potential.

Those that are looking for growth in abilities, such as career, finance, Love, Spiritualism, etc; this formula is no different. If you don’t know yourself you cannot make decisions with confidence and clarity.

What if we asked important questions?

What if we asked more important questions? What if we prioritized life over profit? What would life be like if we all found peace within our selves? What if we took the time to understand someone or be able to walk away from them without judgement or violence (verbal or physical)?What if we didn’t become hypocrites and corrupt? What if we didn’t change our stance on things that were harmful because we were offered a ton of money to change people’s minds? What if we started caring more about our bodies, minds and children to research whatever we were told was “good” for us just so they can make more money selling it to you? What if you started healing yourselves instead of paying more money to the medical industry? What if the medical industry wasn’t trying to kill you? What if our way of life wasn’t manufactured by advertisers 100 years ago? What if the government, that is supposed to make things better for us wasn’t owned by the highest bidders? What if laws weren’t created by those weaving a minefield in order to make people “pay for their forgiveness”? What if religions didn’t collect money? What if everyone all over the globe stopped buying crap they don’t need? What if 100 million people had a local source of food instead of $100 millionaires coming over to poverty stricken countries just to take a photo feeding 1 or 2 people? What if we came up with solutions that bettered how we treat all life on the earth instead of killing those that do? What if everyone had their own source of food and energy? What if instead of watching worthless programs on tv, we spent more time with our mind, body soul and family and children? What if we really understood our hearts and minds and what we’re capable of instead of working most of, if not all our lives to pay bills? What if the Earth wasn’t being raped for resources? What if there wasn’t 2.6 TRILLION pounds of trash on this globe? What if some of our free time went into finding answers to these questions? How would we change if these and other thoughts were integrated into our daily lives?

A path forward

In order to achieve any goal we must first clearly state the intentions. In this article I’ll identify first what I don’t believe is serving us and then I’ll discuss what will.

I see our future similar to our past. The difference is that we’d get more openness but more with a “If I knew then what I know now” appeal.
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All have the right to thrive.

I’ve recently found a video and site called “The Thrive Movement“.

This movie is the latest big eye-opener after of “The Secret“, and “What the bleep do we know?

If you’ve ever wondered how the have’s and the have not’s could possibly exist. This 2 hour movie is worth your time. I’ve already shown it to my 6 year old and even he could tell how it shouldn’t be this way. “Papa this is bad!”

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